About Alex

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and a Group Analyst, having completed two full professional trainings.

I benefitted from both individual and group approaches myself and wanted to be able to offer the same kind of self-discovery, insight and support to others. I am pleased to now be in a position to do so.


I have worked with individuals and groups since 2003 in a number of settings: in private practice, for local charities, in the NHS, and in psychotherapy training schools.

Private Practice

In 2009 I set up in private practice to work with individuals, and then in 2019 I established a psychotherapy group in my private practice.

While I’m content to work with people for a short period to address their current concerns or difficulties, I welcome having the flexibility to work with people over an extended period, if they wish to, as a way of supporting them to engage at greater depth.

Local Charities

I have provided:

  • individual counselling
  • a medium-term counselling group
  • a long-term support group (for people with a variety of mental and physical health problems)


I have worked with:

  • NHS patients in primary care (counselling in GP practice)
  • NHS patients in secondary care (psychotherapy group in outpatient clinic)
  • NHS staff (staff counselling)

Psychotherapy Training Schools

Since 2017 I have provided experiential training groups for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists in two psychotherapy training schools.

I find it satisfying to help the next generation of counsellors and psychotherapists to develop the self-awareness and self-understanding that they will need to support them in their future practice.

Professional Memberships

I am registered with UKCP as both an Integrative Psychotherapist and also as a Group Analyst.

I am a member of Metanoia Institute, and also a member of the Institute of Group Analysis.